Learning Structured Sparce Recovery\

  • Proposed, implemented Q-leaning agent to recover model for sparse compressive sensing.
  • Agent trained for 15k iterations outperforms the individual baseline algorithms for several underlying graph based models.

Code - Report

Online Meeting Scheduler\

  • Worked in a team of six with scrum framework to build an online service to find optimal meeting time for large groups using Rails
  • Scaled with server side caching and optimized database queries to handle 50k+ users/min.

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Electricity Generation Prediction Model\

Python Garbage Collector Analysis\

  • Understood internal functionality and parameters for Python and PyPy GC.
  • Created custom visualizer to examine performance effects with parameters.
  • Compared performance with state-of-the-art GC algorithms.


Blockchain Model\

  • Developed and implemented a distributed consensus protocol (algorithm) for distributed ledger (Blockchain).
  • 1000+ lines of code in Python with socket programming and multiprocessing.


Anonymous Elections on Blockchains\

  • Developed and implemented anonymous voting protocol to conceal the voter identities% using zero-knowledge proofs.
  • Python implementation of the protocol scaled efficiently on a private ethereum network with only a linear time overhead compared to the conspicuous protocol.

Code - Report - Presentation